Business English

Whatever your language or experience level, our objective is always the same: to give you the skills and confidence to use what you have learned immediately and effectively. This can either focus on successfully passing a Cambridge exam in Business English (Cambridge BEC Vantage, Cambridge BEC Higher) or have a different focus such as:

Computer E-Learning

Preparation for the basic level certification in informatics (ECDL, Vellum, ACTA, GlobalCert, UniCert, KeyCert etc).
Gain an edge in the market with an Advanced Level Certificate in one or more of the Office applications (ECDL Advanced etc.)

International Business Communication

Ideal for experienced business executives and managers who wish to improve their business language and professional skills in a commercial context in the shortest possible time.

Communicating Effectively in English

For professionals who want to develop their English in a work and social context, but who don’t need a strong commercial focus.

English for Human Resource Professionals

Helping experienced HR professionals handle working situations with confidence.

English for the Public Sector

Helping public officials function more effectively in international meetings and negotiations.

Communication Skills for Bankers

Helping banking and finance professionals to become effective international performers.

Young Business English

For those who have a few years’ working experience, or they may be coming to the end of their business studies and preparing themselves for the workplace. Some business experience is certainly useful, but not essential. The course is also ideal for people preparing for an MBA.

Lecturing Skills in English

This practical course is designed for lecturers working at universities and business schools who want to perfect their lecturing skills in English.